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Broadford / Kilseily

Broadford / Kilseily

Patrick Hynes

Patrick Hynes from Woodfield, Broadford arrived in New York in 1893 and worked for the city of New York for 39 years.  He retired in 1933 as General Superintendant of the Department of Sanitation.

He was the first secretary of the Pocasset Democratic Club and was brother to Harry M Hynes (see separate entry on this website)    He had two sons John P Hynes, Army Engineer Corps and Edward M. Hynes - Chase National Bank.  His daughter Mary V. married  ? Boner and his other daughter was Dorothy V Hynes.  He also had a brother Thomas Hynes and a sister Mrs. Margaret White in New York.

Harry M Hynes


Harry M Hynes from Broadford was President of the County Clare Association from 1939 to 1947.

He was General Chairman of the Diamond Jubilee Committee in 1963 and also Chairman of the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee

He was also appointed on the Annual Ball committee with Joseph J Considine (Chairman)
and Patrick Miniter, John Brown, Thomas Melican.
Also working with them were Dennis Mclnerney, James O'Dea and Michael Fitzmartin. all Long Tsland City; Patrick Tuohy of Flushing; 
Thomas Mclnerney and James Begley of Astoria, and James Conway

Patrick J Marsh

Patrick Marsh originally hails from Broadford, County Clare - he now splits his time between Tulla and Brooklyn, New York


He has many years experience of travel and tourism with both Aer Lingus and New York State tourism.  He has been very active in the Irish-American community in America and was President of the County Clare Association in 1973/74.