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Gerry Grady

Gerry Grady from Minister's Cross Bunratty has been in New York for over 20 years.  He spent a few summers working with Danny Moloney at Liffey Van Lines and eventually became company warehouse supervisor.

Then he served his time with ARA Construction for seven years and travelled the whole east coast of America.

He married a Roscommon woman, Paula Neary and started a new job as Senior Project Manager for McGowan Builders.  He had responsibility for bringing in large projects on budget and on time.

After his son Michael was born, he decided to slow down and he got a Resident's Manager job

John Grady

New York was calling for John Grady of Minister's Cross, Bunratty since the early 1990's.  At age 14, he first travelled over to his brothers Sylvester and Gerard and then was lucky enough to get regular summer work with Danny Moloney - another great Clareman.  When he left school in 1997, he moved there full time and worked with ARA construction.  In 1999, when he picked up his cousin, Bridget Kearney from JFK airport, he did not expect that she would be travelling with his future wife, Nicola Sweeney who lived quite close to him at home.

Romance blossomed immediately, and John travelled

Kevin Grady

Kevin Grady from Ministers Cross,  Bunratty, Co. Clare was lucky enough to meet his future wife on the first day he arrived in New York after the attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001.  His love of America was fostered in the family Bed & Breakfast in Bunratty where he grew up meeting so many wonderful, interesting people from all over America.

Like his brothers Gerry and John, he works as a building manager in New York focusing on opening and managing luxury high rise buildings.

Bridget McInerney

Bridget McInerney travelled to New York in December 1920 on the Kaiserin Ausguste Victoria.

She went to her sister Mary who was living on West 90th street..

Her older sister Katie had also gone to New York in 1908.