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Clonlara / Doonas and Truagh

Clonlara / Doonas and Truagh

Henry Anderson O'Donnell

Henry Anderson O'Donnell was one of four sons of John O'Donnell of Trough who ran away from home around 1779.

The others were John O'Donnell, Charles O'Donnell, and Edmund O'Donnell.

They went to the East Indies and John ended up in Baltimore as a wealthy merchant.

Henry Anderson had a military career and became a Lft. Colonel.  He had an Indian mistress around 1786 and his son Henry O'Donnell was born in 1787.  He was brought to Baltimore after one year by his Uncle John O'Donnell.  In later years, the lands of the estate in Trough were willed by John to his brother Henry Anderson.


George Boes

George Boes from Clonlara was President of the Clare NY Association from 1950 - 1951.  In 1988, he attended the 100th Anniversary Dinner and received an Irish Crystal presentation to mark his 60th year as a member of the Association.  He was married to Helen and had five daughters and 25 grandchildren.