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Johnny Patterson

Johnny Patterson was born at a roadside forge house in Kilbarrnon, Feakle.  He was orphaned at a young age and was reared by his uncle Mark in Ennis.  Mark noticed his musical ability and encouraged him to become a young drummer boy with the army band in Limerick.

He developed an exceptional talent for comedy and witty songwriting and also eventually became a popular circus clown. 


American circuses had long realised the audience potential that existed among the Irish emigrant population and were always on the lookout for new talent.

Patrick McDowell


Patrick John McDowell was born in Feakle on St Patrick’s Day, the 17th March 1858, the second son of Michael and Bridget (Moloney) McDowell of Furnacetown, Feakle, County Clare.
(Baptismal records for Feakle start around 1860, but Patrick gives his date of birth on American records).
On the 26th August 1872, Patrick McDowell was the baptismal sponsor for his brother, Thomas McDowell, (my grandfather), at the parish church in Feakle, County Clare.
As with many families in the parish of Feakle, the McDowell’s were actively involved in the local Land League. 
One of Patrick’s

Patrick J Flynn

Pat Flynn originally joined the association in 1947.  He served in the Asiatic Pacific Campaign during the war.  He married Catherine Crowley of Coolmeen.

He has written the story of the various Clare Associations around the world and has recorded many interesting events in this book.