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Daniel O'Day

Daniel O'Day was born in Kildysart, County Clare in February 1844.  His parents Michael and Mary O'Day moved to America and settled on a farm in Cattaraugus County New York State in 1845.

He left home at sixteen and got a job as a freight handler in a Buffalo warehouse.  He worked there for four years and then headed for the Pennslyvania oil country where he started a notable and pioneering career in the oil industry.

Daniel was one of North Western Pennsylvania's earliest independent refiners to be brought into John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company.

Patrick J McNamara

Patrick J McNamara was from Crovraghan, Kildysart.  He went to New York in 1958 and married Elizabeth Cosgrove in 1967.

He spent 30 years as a paper handler with the New York Times.  He enjoyed golf and returned for  many trips back to Ireland.

His Children

Bridget O'Connor

Michael McNamara

His Grandchildren

Sean O'Connor

Ciara O'Connor

Elizabeth McNamara

Kaitlyn McNamara

Patrick McNamara