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William D.P. O'Brien

William Daniel Patrick O'Brien or (W.D.P. O'Brien) was born in Killaloe, County Clare in 1847.

He went with his parents to Australia when he was about 3 years of age.  He developed a significant interest in the search for gold as a young man and travelled to Bendigo, Eldorado, Forbes and New Zealand, but still had not found his fortune.  Eventually he heard of the excitement caused by promising finds in Adelong and returned to New South Wales.  He worked on the Gibraltar reef with some friends but had to travel to Queensland to raise the funds to realise the value of the Gibraltar find.

Julia Salmon

Julia Salmon was born approximately 1817 in Killaloe, County Clare.

Her father was Patrick Salmon and mother Anne (nee Hewitt).

She arrived in Sydney on 30th August 1841 on the Adam Lodge as a bounty immigrant. Immigration records disclose that she was a farm servant, a Catholic, illiterate and under the protection of William Crotty. Family rumour suggests that Julia had a brother Patrick Salmon who had emigrated to the USA

She married the convict John Champley on 17th September 1842.

There is a very interesting book written by their descendant Peter Hinds - The Campbelltown convicts.

Timothy J Courtney


Timothy J. Courtney was born in Killaloe, Co. Clare and came to America when he was in his early twenties. He had a beautiful singing voice and would sing, whistle and lilt all the time.
He lived in Brooklyn, New York.
His daughter is Anna Margie Kavanagh Mohan.

James Ryan


James Ryan lived at Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn.  He was a native of Killaloe, County 
He married Mary McNamara.
Their daughter was named Margaret M.
He was a brother of Mrs. Ellen 
White, Mrs. Anna Ryan, Mrs. Elizabeth Regan and Michael.