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Matthew Cunningham

Matthew Cunningham went to America from Kilmihil in 1853 after his parents Mathias and Bridget (nee Egan) perished in the famine.  His grandaughter was Elizabeth.  How incredible to think that 155 years after Matthew left, his great, great grandaughter  (grandchild to Elizabeth) Geraldine Elizabeth Ann Murphy, served as President of the County Clare P.B. & S Association of New York in 2008 and 2009.

Geraldine pictured above before she led out the Claremen for the St. Patrick's Day Parade has served generously in a variety of capacities and is now a member of the Board of Directors

John J Considine

John left Kilmihil and eventually lived on West 101st., New York.  He married Catherine Carey  (Kilmacduane) and their children were Sister Joseph Marie, Monsignor John J, Considine, Catherine, Madeline, First Sergeant William J Considine, George F, Margaret Higgins and Veronica Carey.  His brothers were Thomas and Michael and sister was Delia Vaughan.

Monsignor John was pastor of St. Barnabas Church in the Bronx and died there in July 2000.

John Melican

John Melican came to New York in 1909.  He was the youngest son of Michael Melican of Shyan and Bridget Hassett who had been married in St. Bridget's Church in Kilmihil. 

He served with the US Army in 1917 and was a member of the County Claremen for 50 years. He married Agnes Kelly and their children were Thomas, Mary & Margaret