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Miltown Malbay / Kilfarboy

Miltown Malbay / Kilfarboy

Bryan Fergus O'Loghlin

Bryan Fergus O'Loghlin was one of six sons of Michael Ruaidhri O'Loghlin and Bridget Talty O'Loghlin who left Glandine, Kilfarboy after the famine in 1848 - 1851.  In his diary at the time, he noted in Latin "No man is at all times wise, the wisest may make mistakes". One can only speculate as to the misgivings he had regarding the imminent emigration to America.

All of the sons were well educated for their time - able to read and write - and comprehensive journals of their experience were documented and copies are now held in the Library at the University of Wisconsin.

Anthony Malone

Anthony Malone married Bridget Anne Murray and went to South Australia on the Corona in 1882.

They had 10 children.

Martin Malone born in 1848

Michael Malone born in 1849, went to the US in 1872 and settled in Minnesota.

Anthony Malone born 1851, went to Australia in 1878 on the Camperdown.

Thomas Malone born in 1853, and went to Australia?

James Malone born in 1855, went to South Australia 

Ellen born in 1857 - died in 1875

John Malone born in 1859, went to Australia in 1882.

Patrick Malone born in 1861, went to Australia in 1882.

Martin Joseph Malone born in 1863.

Peter Albert

John (Jack) Whelan

Jack Whelan from Ballyvaskin, Miltown Malby was President of the County Clare P.B. & S Association in New York from 1985 to 1986.

He was a long time member who also served as Vice-President, Dance Chairman and Board Member over the years.  If he was not the chairman, he was always willing to lend a hand and help in any way he could.  He had fond memories of all the dances he attended especially during the 100th Anniversary celebrations.  He marched every year in the NYC St. Patrick's Day parade until he was in his late 70's and after that always went to view the parade.  

Jack worked in

Helen Madden (nee Meade)

Helen Meade from Kilcoran, Miltown Malby is mother to 



Brendan Madden

Joanie Madden  (Cherish the Ladies)

Joe Madden

Patrick Madden

Bernadette Madden Kane

John Madden

Kevin Madden


Joanie Madden on flutes and whistes has with her colleagues grown from a one time concert concept to an Irish traditional music sensation - Cherish the Ladies.

Their unique blend of virtuosi instrumental talents, beautiful vocals, captivating arrangements and stunning step dancing has created one of the most successful Irish American Celtic music groups.

They have toured all over North and

Daniel McMahon

Daniel and his sister Mary McMahon came to New York in 1928.

He married Annie Clarke of Baileborough, Co. Cavan and joined the Claremen and Women's Association in 1936.

He was very active in the organisation and was elected President in 1962.

He was descended from the old Dalcassian Clan of Caherogan which was at one time the most powerful clan in west and south Clare.

In later generations, the McMahons spread to East Clare where they became very powerful especially in the Barony of Tulla Upper.  In the parishes of Tulla, Feakle and Killanena/Flagmount they became a very powerful clan.