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Scariff and Moynoe


Scariff and Moynoe

Mary Ann Roughan

Mary Ann Roughan went from Scarriff workhouse, County Clare to Australia on the Thomas Arbuthnot in 1850.

She was only 16 years.

She married John Collins that same year and lived at Fairy Hole Creek.

Their children were

Elizabeth Collins

Thomas Collins

John Collins

Margaret Collins

Roseanne Collins.

She died shortly after the birth of Roseanne

Margaret Nelson

Margaret Nelson was one of the Clare orphan girls who sailed to Sydney, Australia on the Thomas Arbuthnot in 1850.

Her parents John (William) and M were both dead and she left the Scarriff workhouse at age 16.

She could not read or write and had no relatives in the colony.

She was initially employed as a house servant in North Brisbane.

She married Jessie Wright in 1850.

Her son William Wright was born in 1851  d.1916 and daughter Margaret Ann Wright (Weir) was born in 1854 - d.1927

She married Charles Hagger in 1856.

She married Christopher Lopdell in 1856 and lived in Drayton,

Bridget Davies (Davis)

Bridget Davies (Davis) was one of the orphan girls who left the workhouse in Scarriff, County Clare on the Earl Grey Orphan Scheme.  She sailed on the Thomas Arbuthnot to Sydney in 1850.

Her parents were Patrick and Jane and both were dead when she travelled.

She had a relation in the colony Jane Ringrose.

She was first employed by W. Howell, Arkstone Forest, Burrowa.

She married a shepherd Amie Louis Huon in September 1851 and had 5 sons and one daughter.

There is a possibility that her home parish was Feakle but currently we have listed her as Scarriff as that is where the workhouse

Margaret Kelly

Margaret Kelly left Clare when she was 16 years old in 1918 and she never went back even though she lived until she was 108 - possibly one of the oldest ever Clare people.  Five of her family went to New York - her oldest sister Molly just missed the Titanic in 1912.

She married an Englishman - Frederick Kelly and they settled in Queens.  They loved to dance at places like the Tuxedo and Jaeger House.

They had five children and in her later years she lived with her daughter Margie.

Peter Reeves

Peter Reeves was one of three brothers who went to New York from Scariff, County Clare.

His brother Daniel had started a food store chain Daniel Reeves Inc. - it once totalled 700 food stores in New York and New Jersey.  It was merged with Safeway Stores in 1940.

Peter developed another chain which had 52 markets in New York and Westchester County.

He was Board Chairman of Peter Reeves Markets Inc.

He had two sons and two daughters

Frank Reeves

James Reeves

Peggy DeLuca

Maureen Benziger

James Reeve's son was called Peter after his grandfather and he currently lives in Carmel, New

Patrick McInerney

Patrick McInerney from Scariff was President of the County Clare P.B. & S Association of New York City from 1910 - 1917.