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Anne Mescall-Meaney

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

Anne Mescall from Dangananella West was born in 1920, the youngest of nine children of Patrick Mescall and Catherine O'Brien.

She emigrated by plane at age 27 and settled in New York City joining her sisters, Bridget Meaney, Mary Meaney and Peg Meaney and brother Chris Meaney.

She married Patrick Meaney (also featured on this site) and they settled in Brooklyn raising 3 children.  They had four Grandchildren.

Anne worked as a store clerk and later as a school teacher's aide.  She was known for her sense of humour, her love of hosting dinners and her Irish Soda Bread and Fruit Cake.

Thank you to her son Mike Meaney for this information

Location in USA: 
Brooklyn, New York