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Anthony Malone

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

Anthony Malone married Bridget Anne Murray and went to South Australia on the Corona in 1882.

They had 10 children.

Martin Malone born in 1848

Michael Malone born in 1849, went to the US in 1872 and settled in Minnesota.

Anthony Malone born 1851, went to Australia in 1878 on the Camperdown.

Thomas Malone born in 1853, and went to Australia?

James Malone born in 1855, went to South Australia 

Ellen born in 1857 - died in 1875

John Malone born in 1859, went to Australia in 1882.

Patrick Malone born in 1861, went to Australia in 1882.

Martin Joseph Malone born in 1863.

Peter Albert Malone born 1865, went to Australia in 1882.

Settled Country or City: