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Bryan Fergus O'Loghlin

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Bryan Fergus O'Loghlin was one of six sons of Michael Ruaidhri O'Loghlin and Bridget Talty O'Loghlin who left Glandine, Kilfarboy after the famine in 1848 - 1851.  In his diary at the time, he noted in Latin "No man is at all times wise, the wisest may make mistakes". One can only speculate as to the misgivings he had regarding the imminent emigration to America.

All of the sons were well educated for their time - able to read and write - and comprehensive journals of their experience were documented and copies are now held in the Library at the University of Wisconsin.  As they arrived on the Montreal, Bryan described the scene "I have never in my life witnessed such fine scenery, beautiful buildings, lighthouse and battery containing 355 cannons leading into New York Harbour".  They took a steamboat up the Hudson River into Albany. Then, they travelled by train through Troy, Utica, Rome, Rochester, Batavia and onto Buffalo.  On another steamer, they sailed through the Great Lakes stopping at Portland, Erie and Detroit.  The final leg of the voyage began in Mackinaw and then on to Milwaukee on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Then, they went north to Sheboygan arriving on Saturday October 27th 1849, fifty two days after they set out.  They had been advised by other travellers that this locality was the most healthy and richest part of America but thinly settled.

Bryan's brother Donogh purchased 160 acres in the town of Taycheedah for $200. They set about clearing the land but Donogh developed pneumonia and sold the land to Bryan Fergus.  The men continued to clear the land for timber eventually establishing the early days of the logging industry and allowing the land to be used for dairy farming.

Living conditions improved and Brian built an impressive brick home at St.Peter, Wisconsin.

He raised a large family including

William O'Loghlin

Rose O'Loghlin

James O'Loghlin

Elizabeth O'Loghlin

Bernard O'Loghlin

Frances O'Loghlin

John O'Loghlin

Annie O'Loghlin

George O'Loghlin

Mary Jane O'Loghlin

Bryan O'Loghlin

Charles O'Loghlin

Lucy O'Loghlin


Thank you to Clan member Ben Bares


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