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Catherine Fogarty (Mahoney)

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Catherine Fogarty was born in Aiglsh, Corofin, County Clare in 1863.

She was the third of eight children born to Patrick Fogarty and Mary Maroney.

She had an older brother John Fogarty and younger brothers Patrick Fogarty, James Fogarty (died in 1884) Daniel Fogarty.

She left home  for America - probably arriving in May 1885 at Boston Port on the Cephalonia.

Her older sister Mary was already living in Ashland, Wisconsin.  Mary had married a man called Sullivan and her children were

Agnes Sullivan, Ann Sullivan, Emmett Sullivan, James Sullivan and probably another J Sullivan.

It is likely that Catherine travelled to stay with her sister Mary in Wisconsin.  There she met and married John Mahoney from Cork.

They moved to Duluth, Minnesota and eventually settled in Proctor where they raised three children.

Their daughters were Catherine "Cocky", Bill and Madeline (born 1903) who married James Edward McGrath.

Their granddaughter Mary Clare McGrath regularly returns to Corofin.  She has written a very moving series of letters to her Grandmother which raises many personal and emotional questions about the painful process of emigration and the courage of the young people who embarked on the journey of the "unknown"

It is published as "Dear Grandma Catherine"

The Poet Laureate of Duluth, Minnesota, Deborah Cooper captures the touching way she connects with her beloved ancestor,

"Through these heartfelt letters, Catherine the Irish grandmother, the author never met, is brought to life.  At the same time, we the readers, become more keenly aware of the bonds that hold us to our own kinsfolk, those known and unknown .. a cherished gift"

Thank you to Mary Clare McGrath for sharing this story.

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