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Daniel Cunneen

Date of Birth: 
circ 1821
Date of Death: 

Daniel Cunneen was born in Killone, Clarecastle.  He married Rachel Bridget Scanlon in February 1847.

This was famine time in Ireland and he sent his eldest son John to America at the very young age of 12 with $40 and a knapsack.

John went on to become Attorney General of New York State so his father recognised his ability at a young age  - see his story under John Cunneen.

Daniel and Rachel later moved to America and many of their other children were born there.  He worked as a labourer and as a plumber.

Daniel and Rachel had several other children including:

Michael Cunneen who married Anne Masterson in 1872.

Michael' Family

Mary E Cunneen

 Daniel Cunneen

 John Cunneen

 Margaret Cunneen

 Sarah Cunneen

James Cunneen

 William Cunneen

Peter Cunneen

Location in USA: 
Westchester, New York