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Francis John Garvey

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Francis John Garvey son of Patrick Garvey, Ennis and Anne (nee Foley from Corofin was born on Jail Street, Ennis on July 29th 1873.  His Dad, Patrick was son of James Garvey and Marie (nee Healy) from Ballyea.  

His Mom, Anne was daughter to Patrick Foley and Ellen Hartigan.

Francis emigrated to the USA in 1896 through Boston and then on to Chicago where he stayed with his cousin from Ennis - Margaret Garvey Sargisson.  He worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad for $3 per week and then took a job at a Chicago South Side Refinery, shovelling ice for $4 per week. He was promoted to the office and became an expert on oils and fats and then helped build a number of refineries around the country. He had a variety of jobs that used his expertise in oils and fats.

He married Lauretta Elizabeth Rotter in 1912 and they had three children: Francis John, Thomas Andrew and Richard Joseph.

In 1922, Francis travelled to Rochester, New York to inspect the plant for a new company.  He cut his hand and quickly died of blood poisoning.  During his career in the vegetable oil industry he was instrumental in developing what is now known as "Crisco" as well as peanut butter based oils used in candies and cookies.

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