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Guss Hayes

Guss Hayes left Ennistymon on February 5th 1973 for New York in the company of Paddy Rynne, a native of Ennistymon.  He worked in construction for 5 years and then went into bartending.

He bought his first restaurant in 1981 and a second in 2001.  He and his wife Theresa managed the restaurants for 35 years while also having a band on the road.

He has brought many groups to Ireland and always includes County Clare.  He has worked for the City of Yonkers as President of the Civil Service Commission.


He said these lovely words as he celebrated 40 years in the USA.  It's a long, long way from Clare to here.  40 years ago it was cold as I as a fresh faced kid landed in New York.  There was a garbage strike on and as the cab driver rolled down Fordham Rd. to my amazement, I was trying to figure out where all the garbage came from. I had never seen anything like it and it was one amazing thing after another coming from a small town in the west of Ireland.  In the intervening years, I have been very fortunate to have met some of the most kind, gentle and helpful people in the world.  America has been good to me as my friend Danny Quinn wrote in the song "Sweet Ennistymon"  "So many arms and doors were open for me" - that is so true.  My deepest gratitude to you all - America, New York and Yonkers - I love you!!

Location in USA: 
Yonkers, New York