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Henry Anderson O'Donnell

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Henry Anderson O'Donnell was one of four sons of John O'Donnell of Trough who ran away from home around 1779.

The others were John O'Donnell, Charles O'Donnell, and Edmund O'Donnell.

They went to the East Indies and John ended up in Baltimore as a wealthy merchant.

Henry Anderson had a military career and became a Lft. Colonel.  He had an Indian mistress around 1786 and his son Henry O'Donnell was born in 1787.  He was brought to Baltimore after one year by his Uncle John O'Donnell.  In later years, the lands of the estate in Trough were willed by John to his brother Henry Anderson.

It appears young Henry was raised by unknown guardians for 14 years in Bucks County, close to Philadelphia.

He spent seven years as an apprentice to a sadlier and joined the militia in 1814.

He was discharged in 1815 and did not return to Philadelphia but settled in Perry County and had a sadlier shop in New Germanstown

until his death in 1877.

This information has been contributed by Hans de Jong who is married to Victoria Ann de Jong who is a direct descendant of Henry.

He is working on collecting more detail on the captivating adventures of the O'Donnells of Trough and would appreciate any information that can be sent to him.

There is a record of Major General Charles O'Donnell who made a return visit to Trough in 1859



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