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John J Woods

Date of Death: 

John J Woods Senior left Killanena, Co.Clare and married Margaret Feeney - they settled in St. Luke's parish in the South Bronx.  They regularly spoke lovingly about their native land and brought their young son John regularly to Gaelic Park.  John Junior developed a great interest in County Clare and served as the first Irish American President of the County Clare P.B. & S Association in New York in 1977/1978 and was also Chairman of the Board of Directors.

He also co-founded the New Hyde Park Gaels Minor Football Club and was Commissioner of Gaelic Football for the New Hyde Park Police Boys club.  John held numerous other volunteer positions such as Vice President of the Clare Hurling Club and selector with the hurling team. There are few Clare hurling supporters on either side of the Atlantic that were more knowledgeable or more passionate about the county’s hurling than John. He arranged for the Irish games live during the championship and organised a phone link to receive the league games. His summer trips to Ireland were times to get in as many games as possible and he was there in 1995 and ’97 to see the long wait end when Clare triumphed in the All-Ireland finals. His number plate Clare ’95 proudly remembers what a joy that day was.

John lost his battle with cancer in 2003 and many Clare and Irish American hearts were deeply saddened at the loss of such a warm and wonderful man.  Current Clare Association President Catherine T Hogan, vice-president PJ O’Loughlin, former presidents John Cusack and PJ Harvey, hurling great Jim Carney, businessman Danny Moloney and Clare chaplain Fr Malone were some of the many who paid tribute to John.
Most people spoke of the family man and great friend that had contributed so much and had such a genuine passion for heritage. PJ Harvey announced that the Clare Golf Outing Benefit Fund would be presenting its first Sports Award this year to Jim Carney; and this annual honour will be known from this point on as the John Woods Memorial Sports Award.
John’s courage remained to the end. Despite being quite weak from his treatment and medication, this past St Patrick’s Day determined as ever, he completed his parade up Fifth Avenue in front of the Clare Banner.
Few like John have ever passed our way and what a privilege it was to know him.
John worked with Western Electric and was married to Kathleen.  Their daughter is Patricia Woods.

John Junior is in the picture.  He was married to Dr. Patricia Woods.  Their daughter Patricia and her husband Sean have two children, Sean and Kiera.  Rumour has it that young Sean looks just like his Grandad and may pick up a hurley soon.

Location in USA: 
South Bronx