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Kevin Grady


Kevin Grady from Ministers Cross,  Bunratty, Co. Clare was lucky enough to meet his future wife on the first day he arrived in New York after the attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001.  His love of America was fostered in the family Bed & Breakfast in Bunratty where he grew up meeting so many wonderful, interesting people from all over America.

Like his brothers Gerry and John, he works as a building manager in New York focusing on opening and managing luxury high rise buildings.  He is also an operating engineer, ensuring the correct operation of the building mechanical equipment, energy efficiency etc.

He recalls his teacher in Clonmoney telling him if he didn't study that he would end up picking up grabage.  Even then, young Kevin knew that in America, sanitation workers earned 50K per year which was quite a considerable amount then and he graciously told the teacher that!!

Like so many Clare people, the Grady brothers are active in the community and Kevin has helped out with many organisations including the County Clare P. B. & S. Association of New York, the Emerald Guild Society, Hibernia Provident Society, Upper East Side Association and the Battery City Authority.  They have supported many families and charities over the years. One of Kevin's proudest moments was helping after hurricane Sandy, when they pumped out basements, cleaned houses and helped distribute food, supplies and furniture.

Location in USA: 
Yonkers, New York