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Mary E. Sheedy

Date of Birth: 

Mary E Sheedy was actually born in Norwalk, Connecticut in January 1856.  Her father Michael Sheedy had come from Kilkee and died there in 1901.  Mary married Dr. Senan Sweeney in 1882 and they had one son William Joseph Sweeney.  His parents died in his youth and he was reared by his Sheedy uncle and spent time with his two cousins  Bryan Sheedy and Edmund Sheedy who have since visited Kilkee.

William J Sweeney bequeated a sum of $250,000 to provide a memorial, preferably a library for Kilkee in 1938 even though it is thought that he had only visited Kilkee once.

He had been a medical doctor and a director of several companies and was married.  He died in 1945 and as his wife had died before him, the trust fund that he had planned to leave her was to provide a memorial for Kilkee.  In September 1948, The New York Times reported that three Americans who were the trustees of his estate came to Kilkee to plan this memorial.  It is believed that Dr. Sweeney's wife's relatives contested the will but they lost the case and the Sweeney Memorial Library was built for the people of Kilkee.


Location in USA: 
Norwalk, Connecticut