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Matthew (Mathias) Chambers

Matthew Chambers (Mathias Chambers) was born in Doonmore, Doonbeg approx. 1855.  His mother was Mary Breen and father was Thomas Chambers.

He married and left for New York with his wife, Ellen Carroll from Freagh, Miltown Malby and  children who had already been born in Ireland.

Several more children were born in Bronx, New York.

His sons included Thomas Chambers, Matthew Chambers, Martin Chambers, Edmund Chambers, William T Chambers and Bryan Chambers.

Daughters included Frances Chambers, Margaret Mary Chambers born in Kilrush in 1884, Marietta Irene Chambers, Annie T Chambers, Emily T Chambers,

Lillian M Chambers, Madeline Chambers, Evelyn Chambers and Alice Chambers.


Members of the next generation include Evelyn Chambers born in 1912 in New York, daughter of Thomas and  Madeline Chambers (1914) and Martin Chambers (1919) children of Martin Chambers.

Also, 2 daughters of Edmund and his wife Anna V were born in the 30's.

His sister, Catherine  was married to McInerney in Doonbeg and many of her children also went to America.

His brother Timothy stayed in Ireland and there will be a gathering in late June 2014 of some of his descendants in Clare.

They will travel from Chicago, Australia and the UK


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New York