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Michael Hickey

Michael Hickey from Kilnasoolagh married Catherine Hassett and moved to America with their children in the early 1800's.  One son John returned to Ireland and his grandchildren are still living in Clare.  The other son James married Margaret Martha Field.   Their daughter Mary Augusta Hickey was born in Boston in 1857.  She married Patrick Joseph Kennedy and their son Joseph Patrick Kennedy became US Ambassador to Great Britain.  He married Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald and their family became the most famous Irish/American politcal family.

Son John Fitzgerald Kennedy became President of the United States is pictured above.  See more information under  Catherine Hassett.

In 1963, when the Claremen's Association in New York were celebrating 75 years, the visit of JFK to Ireland was one of the most popular topics.

Here is an excerpt from his final few words at Shannon Airport - he probably was not aware that he was only a few miles from his ancestral roots in Newmarket on Fergus but he did say:

"I am going to come back and see Old Shannon's face again and I am taking, as I go back to America , all of you with me, Thank you."

He also spoke about emigration:

"Ireland is an ususual place, what happened 500 or 1,000 years ago is as yesterday, where we are on the other side of the Atlantic, 3,000 miles away, we are next door.  So there may be those removed by two or three generations from Ireland, they may have left 100 years ago their people, and yet when I ask how many people have relatives in America, nearly everybody holds up their hands.  Ireland is in a very real sense, the mother of a great many people and in a sense a great many nations, and what gives me the greatest satisfaction and pride of being of irish descent is the realization that even today, this very small island still sends thousands of its sons and daughters to ends of the globe."



Thank you to Philomena Delaney, Andrew Pierce, Declan Barron and Canon Reuben Butler.