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Patrick Hynes

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
August 1942

Patrick Hynes from Woodfield, Broadford arrived in New York in 1893 and worked for the city of New York for 39 years.  He retired in 1933 as General Superintendant of the Department of Sanitation.

He was the first secretary of the Pocasset Democratic Club and was brother to Harry M Hynes (see separate entry on this website)    He had two sons John P Hynes, Army Engineer Corps and Edward M. Hynes - Chase National Bank.  His daughter Mary V. married  ? Boner and his other daughter was Dorothy V Hynes.  He also had a brother Thomas Hynes and a sister Mrs. Margaret White in New York.  His brother and sister John and Bridget remained in Ireland.

Patrick supervised the motorization of the Department in 1922 and later had charge of the ten year Land fill operation connected with the building of the prison on Riker's Island.

Location in USA: 
Bronx, New York