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Patrick Joseph Shannon

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When Patrick Joseph Shannon, a carpenter and Nora McNamara left County Clare, they would not have expected that their son William V Shannon would return in 1977 as President Carter's nomination as Irish Ambassador,

The New York Times wrote at the time:  We do not normally comment on commendable ambassadorial appointments. A Senator named Kennedy has informed the Irish on both sides of the Atlantic that their next Ambassador will be our own Bill Shannon who has been sorting out right from wrong on this page with rigor and wit, with signature and without, for the last 13 years.  With selfish reluctance, we approve President Carter's choice.  Ireland's loss (when his parents emigrated) is sure to be remedied when their son settles into Dublin.

William was a respected journalist for many years before this appointment and lectured in Boston College when he returned.

He wrote "The Heir Apparent" Robert Kennedy and the Struggle for Power less than a year before Senator Kennedy was assassinated while seeking the Presidency.

He married Elizabeth McNelly.  Their children are

Liam Shannon

Christopher Shannon

David Shannon

He had a brother John Shannon in Worcester and two sisters Mary Willett and Clare Graham.