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Patrick Meaney

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

Patrick Meaney from Clohanmore West was born in 1919, the second oldest of six children born to Patrick Meaney and Bridget "Delia" O'Brien.  He grew up on a dairy farm and trained as a carpenter.  He first worked in England during World War II and immigrated by ship to the United States in 1947 at 28 years of age.  He settled in New York City where his sister Mary and brother Jim were also living.

Patrick had met Anne Mescall in Ireland one day when he stepped in for his brother to run a threshing machine on the Mescall family farm.  She also went to New York and they married in 1951.  They had 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Patrick worked for the New York Telephone company and was a member of the Claremen's Association.  He marched in the New York St. Patrick's Day parade and used his gift to help friends and neighbours with various repairs and projects.  He enjoyed gardening and shared the tomatoes he grew each year in the backyard.


Thank you to his son Mike Meaney for sharing this story

Location in USA: 
Brooklyn, New York