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Thomas (Tom) Browne

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

Thomas (Tom) Browne) was born in west Clare in 1904

He grew up near Kilkee in Lismuse.

His brothers were Michael Browne and Patrick Browne and his sister was Mary Browne.

He went to Australia at 21 and returned around 1940.

His daughter was born in Ireland and was adopted.

He went to New York possibly around 1950 and worked as a baker and lived on Mount Vernon Avenue.

He was there until the early 60s, when he came back to Clare.

He died in 1976 at age 71.  His grandaughter is very keen to learn more about his life in New York

and would appreciate if anyone knows about his life then, that they would forward information through

the contact page on this website or through our facebook page.

Location in USA: 
Mount Vernon Avenue, New York